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Designed for
the environment

Our formulas are the result of our ongoing R&D efforts, which are central to Enutech's identity. Funded by various organizations (Sustainable Development Technology Canada, MITACS, Industrial Research Assistance Program), they are at the forefront of environmental responsibility.

They are all designed to be injected directly on site, where non-invasive rehabilitation treatments are performed, in order to degrade the various types of contaminants found in the soil and groundwater.

Our non-invasive technologies minimize disruption to the operations on the treated sites, can be adapted to the specifics of each site, and degrade the contaminants into environmentally safe compounds. And it's all designed and manufactured in Quebec, tested for effectiveness in Canadian weather conditions.

Aperçu fiche OB

ENU® OB : Degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons

ENU® OB targets the degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons (HAM, PAH, HP C10-C50). It is composed of class I micro-organisms, naturally present in the soil, biosourced stimulants, nutrients and enzyme-based biosurfactants. The ENU® OB formulation takes advantage of the ability of native and exogenous bacteria to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons into environmentally safe molecules.

Consult the product sheet for ENU® OB (PDF in French only)

Aperçu fiche OC

ENU® OC : Degradation of refractory petroleum hydrocarbons

ENU® OC targets the degradation of refractory petroleum hydrocarbons (gasoline, heating oil, diesel, fuel oil). The ENU® OC formulation combines the oxidizing power of a specifically activated chemical agent and the desorption capacity of surfactants carefully selected for their environmental safety.

Consult the product sheet for ENU® OC (PDF in French only)

Aperçu fiche DN

ENU® DN : Degradation of agrochemical contamiants

ENU® DN targets the degradation of agrochemical contaminants (nitrite, nitrate, ammonia nitrogen). It is composed of vegetable and lactic inputs combined with mineralogical inputs rich in divalent cations.

Consult the product sheet for ENU® DN (PDF in French only)

Aperçu fiche DCL

ENU® DCl : Degradation of chlorinated solvents

ENU® DCl targets the anaerobic degradation of chlorinated solvents. Its composition allows a reductive dechlorination of chlorinated solvents by a process both biotic and abiotic.

Consult the product sheet for ENU® DCl (PDF in French only)

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