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Career at ENUTECH

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Philippe Giasson, fondateur
Christophe Gamsonré - Directeur Recherche et Développement
Olivier Charbonneau - Directeur Environnement


Philippe Giasson

Mr. Giasson founded Enutech Inc in 2002 and serves as the project's chief executive officer. He has written or supervised hundreds of phase I to IV environmental studies and technical advice in in situ treatment. He also directs the projects of in situ treatment by reactive barrier, by biogeochemical reduction, by biological and / or chemical oxidation, and by phytoréhabilitation.

Since 2018, Mr. Giasson has also been vice-president of the Soils and Groundwater Division at Réseau Environnement. He is responsible for the planning, organization, development and management of the sector and is a member of the Board of Directors.

Holder of a doctorate from UQAM in soil biogeochemistry, Mr. Giasson is also an assistant professor and lecturer at UQAM and the Université de Montréal since 2004. He teaches various undergraduate and graduate courses in the field of biogeochemistry. Department of Earth Sciences and that of Environmental Sciences.

Research & Development Director

Christophe Gamsonré

Mr. Gamsonré holds a Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Science obtained at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) in 2014. As part of his thesis entitled "Terrestrial Management of Dredged Sediments and Process involved in biophysicochemicals ", Mr. Gamsonré was particularly interested in the speciation aspects of Metallic Trace Elements (ETM); this depending on the natural change or induces physicochemical conditions.

His postdoctoral studies later led him to organic chemistry, with work focusing on in situ degradation processes of heavy petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons and agrochemical contaminants.


As Research and Development Director at Enutech, he is in charge of defining and implementing the internal innovation strategy. It proposes, plans, coordinates and evaluates experimental laboratory tests.


Mr. Gamsonré has also been a lecturer at UQAM since January 2018.

Environment Director

Olivier Charbonneau

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, Olivier Charbonneau-Charette has accumulated his experience since 2013. He specializes in characterization and remediation of contaminated sites, particularly in the context of projects related to the in situ treatment of contaminants.

Mr. Charbonneau-Charette has carried out several characterizations and environmental rehabilitation of sites (phases I to IV). His experience includes the operation of in situ soil and groundwater treatment units.


As part of his studies, he was asked to act as a project manager or field manager.


In recent years, Mr. Charbonneau-Charette has been promoted to the title of Environment Director at Enutech and has distinguished himself by his pragmatism and his efficiency in achieving the objectives set.

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