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Environmental Site Assessment

Enutech stands out for its sustainable and rigorous decontamination process for which Phase 1 of the environmental site assessment (ESA) marks the first step. It involves an exhaustive review of the existing information on the history of the site and the activities that used to occur there. It first determines the environmental liability of the site as well as the sources of contamination, and then establishes the environmental risks associated to the site.


All Phase 1 ESAs conducted by our team are in accordance with the content of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), standard CSA-Z768-01. Enutech is committed to conducting this first phase in a thorough manner, and to disclose the results in full.

Documentary Checks, Visit and History of the Site

During Phase 1, no soil or groundwater samples are taken. Our team will rather track down any relevant information to determine the risk of contamination at the site. How do we proceed? By looking at the activities that were once carried out on the site as well as those nearby, a history can be established. To complete an environmental study, a site visit is necessary.


Contamination notices recorded in the land registry, survey reports, characterizations or remediation plans submitted by previous owners, discussions with neighbors, plans of the concerned municipalities and any other legal document that can corroborate the history of a site and/or identify the risks of contamination are useful at this stage.

Professionals conducting an environmental study

Rescuing Real Estate Hidden Defects

Contaminated soil

Phase 1 of an ESA is especially necessary for real estate transactions of all types (commercial, residential or industrial). Phase 1 ESAs avoid unpleasant surprises for the buyer, but also for the loan insurer

In the event that a Phase 1 ESA identifies a real risk of contamination, a Phase 2 ESA will be required. This phase is more about analysis and characterization.

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